The Capital Region Land Bank has concluded efforts to create Eastern Avenue’s Tribute Park!  You can still be part of the continued efforts to add equipment to the park in partnership with the Capital Region Rotary Club:

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Tribute Park

 Phase 1:

The following organizations have participated in making this park a reality with funding for site acquisition, demolition and abatement, site preparation, and Phase 1 of the Park Development:



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Phase 2:

With the generous support of The Schenectady Foundation we have started our fundraising effort to complete the park project.  More support is needed.  Contact the Capital Region Land Bank at today to find out how you might help us complete this important neighborhood project!


Picture (above) was the presentation by the Capital Region Rotary of the funds raised for Tribute Park

History of the Park Development

868 Eastern 4

The demolition of 868 Eastern Ave. (pictured) as well as 870 Eastern Ave. created the footprint for Tribute Park

In 2013, the Land Bank with the assistance of the City of Schenectady and the Schenectady Metroplex Development Authority began a process to demolish neglected structures and re-purpose vacant land between 870-866 Eastern Avenue on Eastern Avenue as green space for the neighborhood.  Through community planning, a master plan was developed and a name for the park was chosen to honor all the workers in Schenectady –  Tribute Park.


“To commemorate the workers and laborers, who toiled in factories, built roads, erected buildings and, during war times, when our factories converted to tank manufacturing and other war efforts, dedicated themselves to supporting our country. They played a major role in making Schenectady the “City that lights and hauls the world.” Further, to recognize the contributions, that continue, as they transition to meet the needs of today’s technologies and advancements.”

-Patricia Yager, Neighborhood Resident

Tribute Park is designed to be a vibrant and flexible neighborhood park that will serve residents of all ages and abilities.  The park is in a central location well suited to serving the Eastern Avenue neighborhood.  Formerly three adjacent residential properties, the site was established by the Capital District Land Bank through acquisition and then demolition. It was then set aside with the goal of providing the Eastern Avenue neighborhood with much needed green space as well as providing an additional entrance into Vale Park. The site itself is just under half an acre and now offers an open and flat canvas for creating a safe, attractive and dynamic community park.

To identify and address the project goals, a series of meetings were held as well as a 2-day public visioning workshop. The Steering Committee consisted of members of the Land Bank, City of Schenectady Officials, Schenectady County Officials, representatives from the Neighborhood Association and representatives from Vale Cemetery. The Steering Committee worked with the design team throughout the entire process, providing input on the process, design ideas, and the final report. As identified by the Steering Committee and through public input, the overall goals of the project were specified as follows:

1. Create recreational opportunities for the Eastern Avenue neighborhood and adjacent neighborhoods;
2. Explore the possibility of tying the park into the existing trail network in Vale Park and the larger City Park system;
3. Clean up the site and transform it into a safe, beautiful, and vibrant community asset and resource.

Based on these goals and through a series of public workshops, a Master Plan was developed.

Tribute Park Final Report

Final_Eastern Ave Park Masterplan