All exciting news and information about economic and community development in Schenectady County can be read at the Schenectady Metroplex Development Authority website.

Below is recent news or releases related to the Land Bank:

March 2021: Eastern Avenue Neighborhood Update, Former St. Mary’s School conversion nears completion as Renaissace Square and continued progress in the neighborhood

March 2021: Land Bank/City/The Schenectady Foundation Partner to Build New Splash Pad in Mont Pleasant

March 2021: Capital Region Land Bank and City of Schenectady Team Up to Renovate Vacant Property

March 2021: Capital Region Land Bank Starts Demolition Today on Barrett Street

October 2020: Senior housing proposed at former Elmer Avenue School in Schenectady

October 2020: Capital Region Land Bank Approves Three Projects in Schenectady

June 2020: Capital Region Land Bank Announces Additional Demolitions and Habitat for Humanity Project

April 2020: Capital Region Land Bank Wins New Grant Funding

March 2020: Capital Region Land Bank Awards Demolition Contract

March 2020: Capital Region Land Bank Plans Up to 15 More Demos in Schenectady

December 2019: Land Bank Renovates and Sells 839 and 843 Eastern Avenue; Newly Renovated Building Adds to Eastern Avenue Momentum

November 2019: Rotterdam zombie property to be demolished

October 2019: Mayors Announce Installation of New Security Monitors in Vacant Buildings

September 2019: Fighting blight in Schenectady a sustained effort (The Daily Gazette)

July 2019: Derelict property that became symbol of Schenectady blight is demolished

July 2019: Land Bank Issues Bid for Schenectady Blight Removal

May 2019: $19 million Renaissance Square project in Schenectady moves forward

April 2019: Capital Region Land Bank Eyes Demolition/Renovation of 34 Properties in Schenectady

February 2019: New Homeowner Picks up Keys and Title to Renovated Home in Rotterdam

February 2019: Land Bank Solves Puzzle on Notorious Zombie Property on Cornelius Ave, Niskayuna

December 2018: Land Bank Demolishing Blight on Lower Union Street Corridor, Schenectady

October 2018: Schenectady Zombie Properties to Get a Face Lift

August 2018: Capital Region Land Bank Awards Demolition Contract

August 2018: Tribute Park Ribbon Cutting 

June 2018: Better Neighborhoods, Inc. and Land Bank Set for New Construction on Prospect Street in Schenectady 

May 2018: KeyBank awards Better Neighborhoods Inc. a $250k grant

May 2018: More Blighted Properties Slated for Demolition in Schenectady County

May 2018: Schenectady Heritage Foundation Announces 2018 Awards Including Land Bank Projects

February 2018: Land Bank, Habitat for Humanity Turn Former Zombie Property at 906 Pennsylvania Avenue into Renovated Home for Sale

January 2018: Metroplex and Land Bank Approve More Eastern Avenue Renovations

January 2018: Governor Cuomo Announces Launch of Program to Renovate “Zombie” Properties and Increase Homeownership in Schenectady

December 2017: 1840 Union Street Zombie Property to be Demolished

December 2017: Daily Gazette Letter to the Editor from Chairman Ruzzo: NYS Needs to Continue Land Bank Support

December 2017: Capital Region Land Bank to Demolish 42-48 Forbes Street to Improve the City of Amsterdam’s Eastern Gateway

The Leader Herald’s Coverage of Amsterdam Demolitions

 October 2017: 99 Prospect Infill Development Collaboration with SEAT Center Underway

Daily Gazette: As Schenectady house grows, so do its builders

September 2017: Land Bank Awards Demolition Contract for 11 Blighted Properties

August 2017: Land Bank partners to demolish blighted motel, create renewable energy on aquifer

July 2017: Land Bank Moves to Raze East End Properties

July 2017: Schenectady County announces library project

May 2017: Mayor McCarthy Marks Start of Demolition at 720 Crane Street – Demo Completes First Phase of Orchard Park Redevelopment

May 2017: NYS Land Bank Association releases 5 year progress report

April 2017: Land Bank wins Rotterdam Junction Home Repair Grant

March 2017: Crane Street Residents Support Library Expansion

March 2017: Capital Region Land Bank Wins $1.7 Million Grant- Boost for Neighborhood Revitalization Efforts in Schenectady/Amsterdam

January 2017: The push to breathe life into the buildings that breathed light (All OverAlbany)

November 2016: Mayor McCarthy discusses the importance of additional Land Bank Funding

October 2016: City of Schenectady and Land Bank mark 100 demolitions

5 11 16 Metroplex, Capital Region Land Bank Team Up to Renovate Former Copper Keg building on Eastern Avenue

5 4 16 Capital Region Land Bank Boosts Rotterdam Junction