The mission of the Capital Region Land Bank is to strengthen neighborhoods by mitigating blight.

We do this by acquiring properties that are tax delinquent, foreclosed, vacant, abandoned, distressed, or would otherwise be consistent with municipally created and/or approved redevelopment plans.

The core focus of the Land Bank is to protect and strengthen existing residential and mixed-use neighborhoods. In order to do this, the Land Reutilization Corporation of the Capital Region will endeavor to meet the following operational objectives:

• Identify and remove environmental factors that are considered blighting influences on a neighborhood such as condemned, burned and otherwise unsalvageable buildings, abandoned cars, trash and debris.

• Work with cross-regional and local municipal governments to assure enforcement of property maintenance standards and the development of affordable housing and commercial activity which will foster enhanced economic development.

The Capital Region Land bank is an independent 501 C (3) nonprofit created by Inter-municipal agreement between the Cities of Schenectady and Amsterdam and Schenectady County.